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Speaking of interesting web app projects, here’s one that’ll blow your socks off: Project Naptha. It’s a Chrome extension that’ll OCR the text in any images in your browser, letting you select the text and copy it just as you would any other text on a page.

And it really works, even on skewed text in not-so-perfectly-clear photos. It’ll have similar mistakes to other OCR apps, and the results are perhaps similar to what you’d get with the OCR in OneNote for PCs, but still, that’s pretty good.

Want to really be surprised? Open a page with text in another language (Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, and French for now), select said text, right-click, and you can get Project Naptha to translate the text right on top of the image. It’ll replace the original text in the image with the translated text, like magic, similar to the Word Lens app that can similarly replace text on signs and more with translated text. Or, you can just use it to “erase” text from a picture, again like magic.

Technology is awesome.

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