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Hi, I'm Matthew Guay.

In 2009, I embarked on a new adventure: starting my first blog. A simple site hosted on, my first blog was simply part of a writing class assignment in college. It was that little experiment that launched my career. The blog grew up and was eventually turned into this site, And my writing experiment led to jobs at Digital Inspiration, How-to Geek, Web and Mac AppStorm, Tuts+,, Metalab's Flow, Zapier, and Capiche. It’s been an amazing ride, as my writing has been featured everywhere from CNN and Wired to Techcrunch, Lifehacker to the Hypercritical podcast on the 5by5 network.

Sometimes life doesn’t quite make sense, and big goals look impossible. But when you break things down into steps, everything becomes easier. Just take things an inch at a time, and you’ll get to the finish line. That’s what Techinch is for. It’s the place where I try to curate the best apps, tips, links, and thoughts on technology, and make it all make more sense.

Techinch today focuses mainly on Apple and web related technology, because I’m writing about the tech I use daily, and the tools I believe are best. I’ll also write about life and productivity, writing and more. I’ll write about the ways I work, and what technology makes me tick, and how I think you could improve your workflows and be more productive. Don’t be surprised if most of the apps featured are very minimalist: I’ve often found that the most focused tools let you do your best work. And don’t be surprised if I’m opinionated: No one’s truly neutral about anything.

So a site that launched my writing career, now living on to help you make your tech live more productive. Sound good? Then feel free to join me for the ride, and drop me an email if you have anything to add to the conversation. I'd love to hear from you.

Full Disclosure:

Techinch is funded by our sponsors, plus one ad in the top right from Carbon Ads, which features high-quality advertisements for products focused on the tech and gadget world. Our posts also include affiliate links which contribute a small bit of revenue, but that doesn’t in any way affect what I write about. Some of my favorite tools, like Pinboard and Kirby, don’t even have affiliate programs.

Additionally, on an unrelated note, I personally own stock in Apple, as well as other technology companies I may cover through mutual funds. This also does not affect my coverage of Apple or any other tech company, and I’d gladly own stock in a cheese factory if it had as good of financial performance as Apple and technology in general.

And that's all.