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Inspired by a decade of writing, editing, and working with remote teams, Reproof is a new writing platform built from the ground up for creativity. We've rethought the writing experience, built the editor around paragraph versions so you can experiment with your ideas and find the best way to word them before publishing.

Coming mid-2023. Join the beta.

Earlier work

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Software's confusing—but it shouldn't be. The industry that democratized information should be the most transparent, the easiest to decode.

From features hidden three levels deep in menus to pricing that's as opaque as airplane tickets, the industry that democratized knowledge still hold far too many secrets about itself. But everyone knows a few secrets—we're all experts in our own niche. And if we share our knowledge, we can all be more productive.

That was the inspiration that Austin pitched me to join Capiche's founding team and build a community of people who care about software to do that together. Somewhere where we can hold our industry to a higher standard.

As founding editor, I helped build the Capiche community from inception in late 2019 to a $1.1 million acquisition by Vendr in April 2021, grew Capiche FM as a livestreaming side-project, then helped pivot into Racket and build a community around the shortform audio network.

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Some of my most detailed software writing is from my time as senior writer and editor at Zapier. Over nearly 5 years with the Zapier team as the Zapier blog grew 34x, I wrote hundreds of in-depth articles with top-performing posts bringing in well over a million views each and signed up thousands of new users, wrote hundreds of short-form app reviews and led a freelancer team to fill in reviews fill all of Zapier's most popular integrations, published 9 eBooks, documented Zapier's developer platform, and helped thousands of customers through our all-hands support.

From top-of-funnel articles that brought in traffic from the top of popular app-focused queries to product-focused tutorials that brought in signups, from deeply researched long-form content that we re-published as eBooks to data-driven content on fastest growing apps that was shared by Business Insider and Meryl Meeker's 2019 internet trends report, our content marketing brought in a wider audience to Zapier as it went from an early stage startup to one of the most popular business tools.

I started out writing for Digital Inspiration in 2009, then wrote 241 articles at How-To Geek through most of 2010. In late 2010, I joined the AppStorm writing team, and in my nearly 3 years there I wrote 771 articles, mainly published at Web and Mac.AppStorm where I was editor, along with others at Windows, iPad, and iPhone AppStorm. Then, for the half year, I was the Software Training editor at Tuts+.

Let.ter App

Every new communications app wants to replace email, and yet email is still the internet’s killer app. It’s the sole cross-platform and cross-service communications tool that supports text, attachments, group messaging, personal encryption, and so much more. It’s the original long-form communications tool, along with your online passport of sorts, and it’s not going away.

Email actually isn’t the problem—it’s the overwhelming noise in our inboxes that’s the real problem that makes us want to avoid email. So why not take all that away, and make an email app that’s just about writing your messages?

That’s exactly what Let.ter is: an email app for writing messages with Markdown formatting and sending them without ever having to see your inbox. And so, for a year or so in 2014, I worked with Mutahhir Ali Hayat to build Let.ter as the simplest email app possible.

Got some really nice feedback, though ultimately didn't make sense to continue maintaining.

Techinch Magazine

2013 brought together what seemed the perfect way to branch out into a digital magazine. iOS Newsstand made subscribing to digital publications simple, and TypeEngine made it possible to get your own Newsstand app without touching a line of code. And thus began an 8 issue experiment into the future of digital publishing.

Techinch Magazine was a fun experiment, but ultimately, the web still seems the best place to publish—for now, anyhow.

Copywriting and Consulting

There’s writing about technology, and then there’s writing the text that goes inside your favorite apps. Over the years, I’ve worked with CoSupport, MetaLab’s Flow and Ballpark apps, Zapier, InboxQ, Artsy Editor, Typeform, Envato, and more, helping them craft the copy and support documentation for their apps that’d help their customers get the most out of them. I’ve also done consulting for companies, non-profits, and individuals to help them find the best apps and workflows to accomplish their goals, get the sites and documentation they need developed, and more. And I've written articles that were published in The Next Web, Smashing Magazine, Ahrefs, Namecheap, Every, and numerous other blogs and publications.

Today, I'm also helping startups build their content marketing and documentation with Pith & Pip, a content consultancy I cofounded in 2022. Get in touch if your company needs content and strategy assistance.