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Here's what Techinch Magazine is all about…

You're touching one of the most advanced machines mankind has ever created right now. The glass, metal, silicon, and more that make up your device have been around for millennia. Yet someone found how to harness electricity, another how to turn sand into glass, another how to make a transistor, and on and on it went until we're all walking around today with powerful computers in our pockets.

No matter how outdated your smartphone may be by today's standards, it's still an order of magnitude more powerful than the computers that sent men to the moon.

So why then is it so difficult to find that one email you archived years back? Or why can't you find a game that doesn't make you wait or pay cash just to keep playing?

Tech is supposed to simplify our lives. But so often it complicates it. Most programs are either so complex that you can't find that one thing you need — hello, Microsoft Word and Photoshop — or they're so simple that they don't have the features you need. Either way, you end up pulling your hair out just trying to get your work done and get on with your life.

But tech doesn't have to be complex. It should empower us to get more done, and hopefully have more fun doing it, even if you hate using computers.

There's plenty of ways to do more, faster with technology, and use it to simplify our lives. That's what Techinch Magazine will bring to you. This isn't your normal tech magazine. Instead of detailed reviews and tutorials, we'll bring you quick tips and to-the-point reviews that help you get the most out of tech and get on with your life.

Our Plan

With Techinch Magazine, you'll get a new issue every two weeks. Each time, you can expect tips about getting more out of your apps and devices, quick reviews of some of the best apps out this week that you should stop and try, and long-form articles about how tech, life, the future, and more. Not your normal tech news magazine, but rather a guide to the very best tech has to offer, right now.

And that's it. Techinch Magazine won't be the longest magazine out there, but we hope it'll be the one you'll want to make sure to read as soon as it comes out. It'll be short and sweet, and hopefully help you get more out of your tech and back to your real life. It'll simplify tech, demystify the mystifying, and make your week a bit more productive and fun.

And I hope you'll join us for the journey.

The Journey is Brought to You by...

When I first started, I knew next to no HTML, and had never run a server in my life. But that wasn't a problem, thanks to, the free hosted version of WordPress that let me start out blogging by just writing. I've since moved on, but in all reality, I couldn't have gotten started online as easy without a CMS.

Publishing in your own mobile app seemed even more of a stretch than starting a blog when you didn't know the first thing about web code. Thanks to the work of Daniel Genser, Jamie Smyth, and the other folks at TypeEngine, though, starting an iOS Newsstand magazine now is much more akin to starting a WordPress blog. They've taken the complexities of building an app away, letting me focus on the writing, and I'm proud that Techinch can be one of the TypeEngine launch partners.

For the first issue, Techinch Magazine will be written solely by me — Matthew Guay, the guy behind I've written for a number of tech sites, most notably Envato's Mac and Web AppStorm sites where I'm the editor, and I hope you enjoy the articles I've put together. Going forward, though, I have a diverse team of fellow writers that'll be contributing articles to Techinch Magazine. They'll each bring their own tips and helpful views to make the magazine interesting for all of us.

So go download the app and start a free 7 day trial, or get it in PDF and ePub formats, and read the first articles. Let me know what you think about them, and what you'd like to see going forward. And then, I hope you'll continue to enjoy our next issues going forward.

Thank you so much for trying out Techinch Magazine; I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed starting out on this new venture!

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