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Techinch Magazine is Finally Here!

I'm terribly excited to let you know that my latest venture officially launches today: Techinch Magazine. It's taken a long time to go from idea to inception, but it's finally here and ready for your reading pleasure.

I first announced the upcoming magazine back in March, but I'd thought of making a magazine or a subscription part of for quite some time. Then, in January when I first heard of TypeEngine, I knew it was something I had to try. I'm always trying new apps anyhow, so the idea of a Markdown powered web app that'd let me publish directly to an iOS app was too exciting to pass by. It took a while to get done, but thanks to the amazing TypeEngine team we've finally got Techinch Magazine launched on the App Store. TypeEngine has made publishing on the iOS Newsstand almost as simple as blogging, and I'm excited that Techinch is one of the first sites to have a companion iOS app powered by TypeEngine's technology.

I've opted for a basic theme on, one that's focused on reading, and the Techinch Magazine app looks almost exactly the same. It's instantly familiar on iOS: you can change the font size and brightness from the gear icon on the lower left of the app, share articles from the share button on the top right, and open new articles and issues by swiping in from the right. It's free on the App Store, with a $1.99/month subscription (which will get you access to all of our back issues, as well as every new issue that'll be published once every two weeks).

The first issue includes 4 articles (plus a preloaded Welcome article, which you can also read here on, each of which I'm proud of and hope you enjoy. Here's what you'll find in the current issue:

You can read all of those articles today with the Techinch Magazine app — and you can even read them for free with the default 7 day free trial. I've also made PDF and ePub copies of Techinch Magazine, so you can subscribe to the magazine even if you don't have an iOS device. You can purchase a copy of Issue 1, or you can purchase an email subscription to Techinch Magazine to automatically get the PDF and ePub copies sent to your inbox as soon as they're published on the iOS app.

I'd love to know what you think of the app, the articles, and the subscription options. I want Techinch Magazine to be something you'll want to read, so let me know what you want to see in it, and anything you'd like to see changed.

I sure hope you enjoy it!

Thoughts? @reply me on Twitter.