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The All New Evernote Essentials 3

Several years ago, I reviewed a then-new book on Evernote: Evernote Essentials. It did such a great job at explaining every tiny thing in Evernote - and showing you how to use it better - while keeping it interesting enough to not put you to sleep.

This week, Evernote Essentials 3 came out, as a free update to the original book. That's right: a free update for anyone who already purchased the book. That's something you might expect from an app, but with a book, that's very impressive.

The new version digs into Evernote's newest features, such as the redesigned Mac app, Notebook stacks, geolocation, Evernote Trunk apps, and more. It also includes plenty of geeky tricks that can make Evernote even more powerful for you, such as ways to make search more advanced, and strategies for going paperless with Evernote and organizing your notes to keep up with everything better. You'll learn the ins and outs of sharing notebooks, and find ways you can put Evernote to use in your life in unique ways. It's enough to make you an advanced notetaker, from the guy who Evernote hired to write their own documentation.

The only downside to Evernote Essentials I could find is that it still is only available as a PDF, which obviously makes it best to read on a Mac or PC, or perhaps an iPad. If you're reading on your phone, though, an ePub book would be much preferable. However, since the text is all in one column on the left, it actually is very nicely readable on the iPhone if you zoom in on the text.

So, if you're looking for a great way to learn more about Evernote, there's not another book I'd recommend more. I'm not actually an Evernote user myself - I usually use Simplenote and plain-text files in Dropbox - but this book could almost make me want to use it. And hey, you can't argue with free updates to a book, years after it was originally published!

If you don't have a copy of Evernote Essentials yet, and you want to learn more about it, go grab a copy now. I bet you'll enjoy it!

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