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In early 2013, I got the idea — in part inspired by Marco Arment's The Magazine — to start a Newsstand-powered magazine with premium articles about tech, productivity, and lifestyle that'd go beyond the standard basic articles here. It was a success and a failure all in one, and was closed down after 8 issues. For more info on the breakdown of what happened with the magazine, and what I learned from it, check out:

And then, following is the original promo page for Techinch Magazine, including links to the content from the magazine that's been republished on


Techinch Magazine


Want to find out how to get the most out of your gadgets, discover the best apps to download today, and find out how technology can better fit into your life? That's exactly what you'll find in the Techinch Magazine. It's a tech magazine that won't be too geeky, one that'll be interesting for everyone.

Techinch Magazine is the new addition to the writing on, and will be the first place to find the best writing from Techinch. You'll get a new issue every 2 weeks, with 4 articles each time. You can get it automatically delivered every two weeks to your iPhone or iPad with our iOS app, or you can get it delivered to your email in PDF and ePub format with our online subscription. Or, you can purchase individual issues whenever you want from this page, in PDF and ePub formats.

Read our full Welcome to Techinch Magazine article to learn more about the ideas behind Techinch Magazine, and what to expect from it going forward.

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Issue 3

- Welcome to Techinch Magazine Issue 3
- Taking Control
- Less is More by Nathan Snelgrove
- Unshackle Yourself
- You Need a Keyboard


Issue 2

- Welcome to Techinch Magazine Issue 2
- You Are Not Your Tools
- Making a Smart Home
- Automate All Your Stuff
- The Tools to Build Techinch Magazine


Issue 1

- Welcome to Techinch Magazine
- You, Too, Can be Iron Man
- Serving Two Masters
- Perspective
- The Photo Apps to Try This Summer


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