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In early 2014, Danny Schreiber—then the sole person on Zapier's Editorial team—reached out and asked me to freelance for the Zapier blog. That was my luckiest career break—it started what turned into around five years helping the burgeoning automation platform grow and standardize its content marketing. It all started out with Zapier's app directory and software roundup articles, then branched out into tutorials, software reviews, eBooks, documentation, and more over a half-decade of writing.

And we did it all by being what I liked to call the "unmarketing marketing team." We weren't specifically trying to market Zapier, directly, shouting from the rooftops that you should automate this and that. Instead, we focused on our complements, the tools that people used alongside Zapier. We made our partners' software seem great, and that in turn led people to use their product and Zapier. So when people searched for those tools, odds are Zapier was the first thing that'd show up, and the first thing they'd think of when they wanted to take that product to the next level.

Here's the story of my editorial work at Zapier—how our team helped everyone find the business software they needed then taught them how to get the most out of it.

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