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What’s the best app for that?

I love testing software, trying new things, seeing what each new piece of software does better than the competition. But even with hundreds of accounts filling up my password manager, I still wasn’t quite prepared for the number of things I’d need to test to make a detailed Zapier software roundup.

By the time you’ve set up the same project in the 51st project management app, everything starts to blur together.

Yet if there’s anything I’ve written that’s had staying power, that’s gotten people to email and ask to include their app or how their team can pull off something similar, it’s the Zapier roundups.

So I finally pulled it all together, the tips and ideas I’d share with freelancers and new writers as we worked to make Zapier’s software roundups as detailed and useful as possible.

Here’s how you can make the best possible roundups, from Reproof.

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