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So Photoshop Touch is Somewhat Handy

Yesterday I wrote a rather scathing review of Adobe’s new Photoshop Touch for iPhone. It was deserved, I still feel, due to the app’s near-inability to work with other apps, even Adobe’s own desktop apps.

Then today, I wanted to do turn a picture of a friend’s daughter into a graduation gift. I’d take the picture on my iPhone, so I imported it into Photoshop Touch, did a bit of brightness and curves adjustment. Then I added some text - and it turns out Photoshop Touch had far more fonts when you're on a decently fast internet connection (29 to be precise, versus 10 when you're offline or on an EDGE connection).

I picked the font color from the picture, added a faint glow, then cropped the picture to the size I needed. Minutes later, I printed it off my printer over AirPrint. It worked, and was a great tool for the purpose.

So, if you want to edit photos on your iPhone, Photoshop Touch at least a decent option, one that let's you fine-tweak individual settings - like glow and shadow effects - far more than in other apps I've used before. It's just complex enough that, yes, it feels a bit too complex for a phone. But then, so does iWork on the iPhone.

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