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Techinch Magazine Issue 5 is Here!

Five Inches Later...

Time sure does fly — and I must apologize again for this issue coming a week slower than I’d planned. We’re supposed to have new issues every two weeks, and both issues 4 and 5 have taken 3 weeks to come to press. It’s been a bit much, taking this on at the same time I have a ton of projects going on at work, but hey — Issue 5 is here. I really think you’ll enjoy it, too. And I shall do my very best to get Issue 6 out within 2 weeks from now. Hold me to that, would you?

But before that, you’ve got some reading to do. First up is a great article from my friend and colleague Phillip Gruneich, another writer you should start seeing more often on Techinch Magazine. He digs into how mobile apps are eating the world, and more, in this week’s feature article.

Then, from yours truly, you’ll find a look at what shaking up TV really means — and no, it doesn’t really mean more apps. We then explore what it means to be authentic on social media, and why Monsters Inc. and U are actually about today.

I sure hope you enjoy the articles — and if you do, could you take a minute and send me a message on Twitter @maguay and let me know what you liked and why? I would really, really appreciate that.

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