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Become a Spreadsheet Export with Zapier's Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are essential and hidden, relied on and unloved. They're the unseen tool behind a surprising number of business processes, blamed for financial crises and praised for making number crunching and statical analysis available to everyone.

They're the original killer app, the main reason so many bought their first personal computer. And today, spreadsheets can run on the phone in your pocket or in your browser, for free, and they're still as handy as ever for crunching numbers.

Google Sheets especially so. As an online spreadsheet, you can gather data from websites and pull it right into your spreadsheet, link it with forms, and write scripts to send emails and more right from your spreadsheet. It's a powerful tool, enough that we've written an entire book about it at Zapier.

I'm running out of words about spreadsheets because I've used them all in the book. So stop reading this, and go grab a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets. It just might make you fall in love with spreadsheets—or finally kick your Excel habit and switch to the Google Apps side.

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