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Fonts Included with Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 10

Two years ago, I noticed that Adobe doesn't publically list the fonts included in all their apps. Microsoft and Apple both list the fonts included with their software, for the most part, and since Adobe's products are typically used for creative production, you'd tend to think they'd list their fonts as well. They do usually list the fonts in Creative Suite (though I only found that after searching Adobe's site manually, as it, strangely enough, is almost impossible to find via search), but not in the cheaper Elements.

So, as a followup to my original post about the fonts in CS4, CS5, and Elements 8, here's a list of the fonts included in Adobe CSS and Photoshop Elements 10. Again, many of the most important fonts (Minion and Myriad Pro, in my opinion) are included in both, which is especially a nice bonus for users of the cheaper Photoshop Elements.

Photoshop CS6Photoshop Elements 10
Adobe Caslon ProAdobe Caslon Pro
Adobe Arabic
Adobe Devanagari
Adobe Fangsong Std
Adobe Fan Heiti Std
Adobe Gothic Std
Adobe Hebrew
Adobe Heiti Std
Adobe Kaiti Std
Adobe Ming Std
Adobe Myungjo Std
Adobe Naskh
Adobe Song Std
Adobe Garamond Pro
Birch Std
Brickham Script Pro
Blackoak Std
Brush Script Std
Caflisch Script Pro
Chaparral Pro
Charlemagne Std
Cooper Black Std
Giddyup Std
Graphite Std
Hobo Std
Kozuka Gothic Pr6N
Kozuka Gothic Pro
Kozuka Mincho PR6N
Kozuka Mincho Pro
Letter Gothic Std
Lithos ProLithos Pro
Mesquite Std
Minion ProMinion Pro
Myriad Arabic
Myriad Hebrew
Myriad ProMyriad Pro
Nueva StdNueva Std
Orator Std
Poplar StdPoplar Std
Postino Std
Prestige Elite Std
Rosewood Std
Stencil StdStencil Std
Tekton ProTekton Pro
Trajan ProTrajan Pro

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