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Spreadsheets are powerful tools, ones that used to require installing a full Office suite on your computer. Today, they're a commodity, with free spreadsheet tools on almost every platform.

The original spreadsheet app that most of us started out with—Excel—is still one of the best, though. It includes more functions and tools than most other spreadsheet apps, and its wide range of add-ons make it an incredibly powerful tool.

And now, it's free too. Excel Online is slimmed down version of Excel that runs in your browser, yet still includes the core features you need to crunch numbers. It supports 468 functions—all but 3 of the functions included in Excel 2016 for Windows—along with charts, formatting tools, and more. And, with add-ons, you can even add extra features to make it closer to desktop Excel.

If you've never used Excel before, or just are curious about what the web app version offers, here's the guide to Excel Online you need. It walks you through every feature included, so you can make spreadsheets, surveys, reports, and more right from your browser for the low price of free.

It's real Excel, online.

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