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DropDAV 2.0: Making Dropbox Integrate with iWork and More on the iPad, Better

There are two major things in technology that have changed the way many of us approach computing in the past few years: Dropbox and iOS. Dropbox enables us to keep all of our files synced seamlessly, so you never have to worry if that important file will be there when you need it. And iOS has freed many of us from the constraints of desktop computing, making it easier to be productive (and entertained...) on the go than ever before.

There’s only one problem: iOS and Dropbox don’t work perfectly together. iOS doesn’t include a full file system, so you can’t just sync Dropbox like you would on a Mac or PC. Then, the iWork apps, Omni apps such as OmniFocus and OmniOutliner, and more don’t include native Dropbox integration. That’s why DropDAV is such an exciting service. It lets you integrate your Dropbox account with any WebDAV enabled app. The service was recently updated to make it more reliable and faster, though at the same time, they’ve dropped their free plans. Now, you’ll need to sign up for a $5 per month subscription to use Dropbox via WebDAV on your iOS device. That’s not a bad bargin, considering that it can make your iOS device a much more productive tool on the go.

Special DropDAV discount

If you’re ready to try out DropDAV with your Dropbox account, we’ve got a special treat for you. In addition to the standard 14 day free trial, you can enter the coupon code techinch1 to get an extra month of DropDAV service for free. That’s essentially a $5 savings, and gives you a whole extra 30 days to see if it’s the service you need to get the most out of iWork, Omni apps, and more on your iPad.

We’d love to hear how DropDAV or your other favorite webDAV service makes it easier for you to make your iPad a productive business tool. Plus, with the new iWork apps on iPhone, you can even use this to get more productivity out of your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Don’t forget: use the code techinch1 for an extra free month of DropDAV!

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