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DragonDrop: Drag-and-drop Made Easier

Another app I've started using more this week is DragonDrop. This simple utility shot up in the App Store rankings after John Gruber praised it on Daring Fireball, but it really is useful enough to be worth the $4.99 it costs. Once you've got the app installed and running, just drag anything - an image, text, part of a website - and shake your mouse, or drop it on the DragonDrop icon in the menubar. The content is then held there, so you can switch to another app to drop it in. It works across full-screen apps in Lion, and while it's a tad hard to activate with a Magic Trackpad, dragging in a circle brings it up pretty easy. Or dropping it on the menubar icon.

Come to think of it, it's like or Droplr for moving files between apps!

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