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Change Your DNS Settings on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Want to enable OpenDNS or Google DNS on your iOS device? Most default ISP DNS servers are quite slow, so you can both speed up your connection and help make it safer by switching to OpenDNS or Google DNS. Unfortunately, you can’t change DNS settings on cellular internet connections in iOS, but you can change your WiFi DNS settings to help speed up your connection. But whenever you’re on your using WiFi at your college, home, work, library, Starbucks, or anywhere else, here’s how you can switch to using the DNS server you want.

Note: This works the same on all iOS devices, so the screenshots below show it in both iPad and iPod Touch settings screens.

First, enable WiFi on your device and connect to the WiFi network you want to use. Then, tap the blue arrow button on the right side of the network name to tweak its settings.


Now, select the DNS field, select the DNS that’s already listed, then enter the DNS settings you want. Separate different DNS addresses with commas. You’ll need to know the IP addresses of the DNS resolution system you want to use. There are several common ones, including OpenDNS, Google DNS, and a couple lesser known ones such as Norton DNS or Comodo Secure DNS. I’d personally recommend using OpenDNS or Google DNS, but you can give the others a try and choose the one that works best for you

Here’s the addresses you should use for these:

Service:OpenDNSGoogle Public DNSNorton DNSComodo DNS
Primary IP:
Secondary IP:

Once you’ve added the settings, you’ll be ready to browse the internet using your new DNS service without any extra changes. Enjoy!


Do note that you have to set your DNS settings on each network, so do note that you’ll need to change this the next time you connect to a new network. The good thing is, your device will remember your recently used networks, so you shouldn’t have to change the settings once you’ve got them set for your favorite networks. To make it easier, you could save a note in your favorite note app with the DNS settings you prefer so you can copy and past them to new networks easily.

For what it's worth, I usually switch between OpenDNS and Google DNS, depending on when I'm setting up network settings, and they both work great.

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