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Ever gone to sign up for a price only to see a "Starts at $X" or "Call for pricing" tagline and wondered what the app actually costs? Or tried out an app and gone to pick a plan, then puzzled over which plan your team actually needs?

Software pricing is surprisingly confusing. Either it's hidden entirely with more enterprise focused tools, or it's obscured between a range of similar plans or metered pricing for something you can't quite tell how quickly you'll use up.

So as a first part of building a new software community, my new team at Capiche is helping make software pricing transparent. If everyone shared what they really pay for software, it'd set baselines, help us all know what to expect. to pay and how to negotiate to get the best pricing. It'll help us all pick software better—just as flight searches help you navigate pricing options and pick the airlines that makes the most sense for your trip.

We'd love to have you join and share your software pricing stories!

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