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Looking for a tool to help manage your projects? After breaking down the best project management strategies, the past few months I've been testing and reviewing dozens of project management apps.

I came into the project with a few favorite project management apps—including Trello, Basecamp, and Flow—and came away with a number of new favorites, including Projectplace,, and more. Simple, focused tools are awesome—but I fell in love with a number of apps that include hybrid views, perhaps merging Gantt and kanban for a way to manage workflow and deadlines together.

The thing that's important about a project management app is how it helps you setup a workflow for your tasks, something beyond just checking off to-dos. And so, as I tested apps, I watched for great workflow tools, and selected the apps that do that best. It's fascinating how each app in such a crowded category can still be unique, with its own take on how to manage your projects.

So, without further ado, here's Zapier's roundup of the 50 Best Project Management Apps. It's massive, with over 10k words and thousands more in linked in-depth reviews. And, it even includes a cheat sheet and reference spreadsheet where you can sort through 20 top features to find the app with just the features you need.

If you're looking for a new tool to manage your projects—or just want to see what the best PM apps offer today—it's the roundup for you.

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