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No, the Omni Group hasn’t decided to go cross platform and release their apps for Android, but yes, there’s now a way to get your OmniFocus database on Android: Quantus Tasks. A brand new app that was originally named AndroidFocus that was quickly renamed to avoid confusion, Quantas Tasks lets you view all of your OmniFocus projects and tasks on your Android device, add new tasks, and more. It doesn’t support attachments or recurring tasks yet, but the developer’s promised to add that soon.

It’s not an official OmniFocus app, but works with OmniFocus for iOS and Mac since its file format is open. And that’s pretty neat.

I’m a Mac and iOS user, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, and yet there’s something nice about having cross-platform alternatives to the apps I rely on. It makes it less likely my workflow would break down if I had to switch platforms for some reason, and that’s nice.

So, if you use OmniFocus on Mac or iOS, but use an Android phone, Quantus Tasks is the app for you. Enjoy!

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