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I finally got around to reviewing my new favorite web app: the Kirby CMS. I moved Techinch to Kirby last October, but it took me forever to get around to finally writing a complete review of it. Since I wanted so long, though, it turned into one of my most comprehensive reviews ever, since I've really used Kirby inside-out after using it to build this site from scratch, migrate old articles from WordPress, and keep writing on here semi-regularly.

Kirby got a 10/10 in my review, and if you're considering switching your site to it or using it for your next web dev project, you should be sure to check out the review.

Kirby's awesome, and I definitely wouldn't want to switch my site back to WordPress. WordPress is still good - hey, I use it all day at AppStorm, and am working on launching a new eCommerce site using WooCommerce - but for a writing-focused site, Kirby's amazing.

Now, I've just got to find a use for my extra Kirby license...

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