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How to Install iCloud Sync on Windows XP and Vista

While restoring a friend's Windows Vista-powered laptop this week, I discovered that most programs — say, Chrome, Evernote, and even iTunes — still support Windows Vista (and XP), which is nice to find for those trying to eek the last bit of usage out of an aging PC without ditching Windows or paying for an upgrade. Sure, Creative Cloud and Office 365/2013 require Windows 7 or 8, but he like so many PC users is sticking with Office 2007 and an older copy of Photoshop, so that's not an issue.

There was only one app I couldn't get reinstalled for him: iCloud Control Panel PC. The latest v.3 is for only for Windows 7 or 8, and the older version was nowhere to be found — even didn't have it, and, well, freeware apps aren't what usually is on torrent sites.

As a last ditch effort, I check the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine for an older copy of Apple's iCloud site — and managed to find the original iCloud for PC download link that's still live on their server. So here you go. If you need to reinstall iCloud sync on your Windows 2000, XP, or Vista PC, here's the link to download the still-functioning iCloud sync for your PC:

Oh, and just in case, here's another copy if Apple pulls their's off their server:

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