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WordPress Plugin Reviews on WPBeginner

Would you like to take your WordPress powered sites to the next level with advanced WordPress plugins?  Recently I reviewed two of my favorite pro plugins for WordPress on, a great site to help you get started with WordPress.  Here’s a quick summary of the reviews, but be sure to click through and check them out on if you haven’t already read the reviews.

Keep Your WordPress Content Safe with BackupBuddy

Most of us backup our computers, emails, and more, but if you’re just getting started with blogging and running your own site, you may have never thought about needing to backup your website.  You could always export your database and download each individual file from your site weekly, but this would be time consuming and difficult.  BackupBuddy is a great plugin from iThemes that makes it dead simple to keep your site backed up.  It’ll backup all the files and posts on your site, saving them on your server, on a remote FTP server, or in the cloud with Amazon S3.  Then, if tragedy strikes and your hosting company goes AWOL, you can quickly restore your entire site in minutes using BackupBuddy’s restore tool.  I use BackupBuddy with Amazon S3 to keep all of’s data secure, and highly recommend it.

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Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Friendly with WPtouch Pro

As mobile devices become more popular, more of your blog’s traffic will come from mobile devices.  Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to view full-sized sites on smaller screens, and it wouldn’t make sense to code a new app for your site just to make your content accessible on a mobile device.

That’s where WPtouch Pro comes in.  It’s a WordPress plugin that converts your site into a great iOS style interface when you visit it with a modern smartphone.  WPtouch Pro includes tons of options to let you customize the mobile site however you want, and will soon be getting updated to support iPads as well.  My article gives you a good overview of how the plugin works and how you can use it, and then check back here at Techinch soon for more customization articles about WPtouch Pro.  I’ve been switching Techinch over to WPtouch Pro, and will be sharing what I’ve done to customize it so you can put it to good use on your site!

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Doing More With WordPress

Do you have any more WordPress plugins you’d like to see reviewed?  Feel free to drop me a note and let me know!  And don’t forget … if you want to learn more about WordPress, you should definitely check out the Digging Into WordPress eBook.  It’s a great resource that will teach you how to manage your site, write new themes and plugins, keep your content secure, and more.

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